Etsy Don’ts

This week I have noticed a few friends of mine on Facebook (who also have side businesses online) have been saturating my news feed with constant promotions, sales, news and product pictures. I get it. I am also selling things online and know the importance of social media marketing. With that being said there is a limit to how often you should post.

A few days ago I was out with friends and they began discussing how annoying certain people were with their business promotions. Luckily I do not fall into this category but I think it is important to bring this up. I found an the article “5 Ways Etsy Sellers Get Social Media Wrong” from Handmadeology. “Tip 3. This is Not All About You: Too Much Self-Promotion” in short, hit the nail on the head.

“The quickest way to lose fans and followers is to constantly push your products on them. Just broadcasting about your business and products will just become annoying white noise to your followers and they will eventually get fed up and leave. The business that succeeds on social media sites posts on a variety of topics that can inform and engage their fans. Create value for your fans that will keep them coming back to your fan pages and profiles for more.”

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